Sunday, August 7, 2011


lomo fisheye! yey, i really love taking some photos with lomo fisheye, even the cam isn't mine LOL but it's totally cool as the result of these pictures we took.

btw, thks to my friend for allowing me to borrow his toy cam lomo fisheye

i took this picture with my best friend iin when we hang out together and spent one day fully without anyone ruined. and we just had a lot of fun with it :D

every corner in my house we took like we didnt want to miss any spot there :p

i used toycam at kota tua jekardaa when we finally had a holiday after our last semester. in this photo with my lovely best of the best friend of mine. sounds lebay, but he's trully one of the best, my second bf tamma haha ok, skip it.

actually i dont know how my friend technically took this photo like this , as you can see, it seems like there's another shadows of us.
to be honest, i love it damn much!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i say, it's iseng time :D

hehe dengan keisengan gue yang masih ambigu di kantor dan akhirnya malah gambar kayak ginian hihi,
iseng - iseng berhadiah ini mah namanya :D

who are they? me and absolutely HIM :*


* life is like a book, you're the author then starting to write your own story, making complete, and surely writing the end story.

* life is just like the vines, they're growing but dont know where they're going to. sometimes.

* if they stuck of their life then say, "there's no choice for a better life" i'll say "there's so many choices you have, wheter the better one or the worst one you'll choose"

* life is not like a fairytale, life is a reality so dont dream to much cause you have to wake up and get your time!

* life is life but the death's still waiting you and none knows when your time comes. only god knows.

* life is about looking forward, there's no time to look back cause the past has just passed. better to look forward then to look back. i'm sure it's totally true.

* life is you and yours.

* life is about reaching what you want to reach.