Saturday, December 3, 2011

truly escape ❤ ❄

❥ a dozen days of winter ❄

salut dearest readers, since the day keeps going and christmas is coming
(though i dont celebrate it), it recalls me on some moments i had with my friend and my sister when we took a trip on exactly a year ago (yea, you can call it a sudden trip). no plan and only had a short preparation. it's all because of my sister's offering to accompany her to deutchland for attending BIMUN event by all of sudden, hah. after hearing the offering, i completely confused what i have to decide, refuse or accept it? (if i accepted it, means i wouldn't attend to studying on my campus for 2 weeks but, yea, seems so hard to refuse it though hahah) then i invited my friend desita to join on our trip and she accepted it.

we only had a short preparation and it made us so exhausted. started from making a visa and handling it directly in germany embassy which is in jakarta, booking a hotel reservation, taking photos for visa, and another sh*t things to do for completing the requirements. yeaahh, but in the end we successfully went to deutchland. wohyeeah!

(me and desita) we're so enthusiastic to go to germany which is one of the most favourite country for studying abroad destination. in fact, those moments always recalls me when i see those pictures.
so i want to share what i've got during the trip on december 2010

when we got to the airport in doha for transit before going to germany, we saw the cute m&m store. waaa, I love this chocolate candy since i was child and surprisingly there's so many kinds of cute m&m packaging. i wish i could buy for each kind, but i only bought 3 kinds for my sister & my driver's son (including me actually haha) :p

makoto chan is waiting ICE train for continuing the journey to Switzerland yeeayyy
thought his clothes didn't match the weather there so i drew a matching clothes for him haha
(ps: the picture above definitely describes about what i felt when first time i stepped on the airport *freezing brrr*)

after arrived at Frankfurt am main airport, we continued our journey to basel switzerland first as we planned before. since germany is located in the center of the continent therefore it's easier to move another country by train.
(randomly taking a photo from across)

after we got the hotel in basel, we took a rest for a moment first,
then in the middle of the night we awoke while realized that it's snowing outside
*i opened the window for taking a photo only since it's not good idea to open in any longer
morning basel :)
the clock was 7 o'clock, despite of the fact that every road we walk was so empty of people.
apparently we took a walk too early while people were still falling asleep haha
(obviously it's because we're too excited lol)

getting brighter since the sun was rising
and the flawsless white snow covering every place we walked
handsome boy who's waiting a tram as well.
i like the red white stripes stuff behind us
looks like a circus stuff, maybe used for a magic show~ hoho

though the water in the jug almost froze completely ~ woohh
the shop sells the antique stuffs. what a cool!
feel like wanna grab the special antique mickey in the middle one, but i could take a photo only =,= what a pity

what a lovely view, so comfortable being there ~luzern swiss
what a beautiful swans. typically have white plumage. ~
seems i took a photo at the right time when the bird was passing through my camera lens
among the branches of trees and the adorable blue sky :)
lying on the grass with a sprinkled maple leaves around me

❤ Luxemburgerli
i recommend you to taste this mini colorful luxemburger!
i bet you'll like it ;)

what a cute little smile of cute little girl :*
this is one of the most mesmerizing place in the world.
still in switzerland named interlaken, as you can see, a wide range big mountains seen clearly
my eyes widely opened then my mouth continued by saying "WOOOOW"
just like that. perfectly awesome!
so many cute stuff shops here
they are mallard duck, have a striking green-blue head and set off by a white neck ring.

as you can see on the picture below, they can be found in ponds, lake and marshes

then our last trip in switzerland just ended like this ~
makoto chan's crying like a pig :( huhu

the next destination was hostel in jugendherberge where we stayed for 4-5 days in bonn
the place's like a dormitory and it's far away from downtown
finally we got Bonn,Germany, where the BIMUN event's held. we stayed in Bonn for 4-5 days.
this place called christmas market which is always available for welcoming a christmas day on 25th december.
so many kind of souvenir they sell like a candle, tin can toys, lamp and another cute stuff.
location : bonn hauptbahnhof, deutchland

i tried so hard to smile even though the weather couldn't compromise for making me shiver while desita taking me a photo. hatcchiiihh! *sneezing all the time~

how do you think? i really love this display decoration.
what a cutie teddy bear, dog and those animal there
seriously cant take my eyes of off it B)

seems i lost my way home :O
it's a train schedule. FYI, every train always comes on time as announced on schedule above.
since my sister was attending BIMUN event, therefore desita and i decided to go to KÖLN to meet Ms ririn
(she's a niece of my father's secretary who studies in KÖLN)
first destination in koln ~IKEAAAA!!!
yeah, this is the place that every designers are lookin for.
since it's not available in indonesia yet
so happy we came here. the furniture and another home good looks great and makes me wanna stay there for a long time. hahah
Desita, Ms Ririn and Me.
after attending BIMUN event, my sister followed us to Koln at night
she took a photo of us in front of the cathedral in koln with a shaking hand so the picture became blurred x_x

the last move was christmas market in KÖLN yeaayy

okay, then lets get around!
many kinds of candle here
a small country of luxembourg. nice :)

in front of the cathedral in luxemburg, i saw this unique tree with its red fruit
however i still dont know what the name is.

tin can toys. really interesting.
panning technique
location : luxemburg
got to improve my skill on photography (panning technique)
however i dont think it looks good -.- still beginner hossshh!

actually i also went to bruxelle, but i had a bad experience there.
i met a man (maybe he's about 40 years old) who was drunk and followed me to the train.
it's surely like a nightmare ~.~ i was frightened when he came closer to me on purpose
~goosebumps. uh

❤ i miss 7 things i did throughout 12days there

i miss walking on the sidewalk when we didnt know the way home

i miss seeing snow covering roofs, trees, roads in everywhere within its spread
freezing, shivering, sneezing all the time ~

i miss seeking a shelter after while the snow began to fall
(we're always waiting for the tram or bus inside the bank to avoiding the cold outside)

i miss eating an uncooked indomie on the train
(ps : since my stomach couldn't compromise of making a noisy concert, i decided to eat an uncooked indomie, then people began to pay attention of what im doin *sigh. dont you know that people in indonesia frequently do like im doin?huh? i wish i could yell at them.
*hang one's head -,- ) lol

i miss listening to the music especially "deep by binocular" while i was sitting on the train.
sounds warmful and wonderful.

i miss eating at restaurant,named nordsee, as our favourite that every passing through the place we always smelled a delicious and tasty food :)
so yummy, seriously it's highly recommended for you, should try then!

i miss taking a bath once in 3 days only haha *for a reason that the weather was too cold
i feel guilty by the way since i never did it before
i swear it was my first time and gonna be my last >.<

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Remember When

ketika kau dan aku jatuh cinta ❤

footfalls echo in the memory down the passage which we didn't take towards the door we never opened into the nose. garden
-T.S Eliot-

your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.
- Richard Bach, illusions, The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah-

life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get
-f gump-

i had never spoken to her, except for a few casual words.
and yet her name was like summon to all my foolish blood
-James Joyce-

If you ❤ enough, you'll lie a lot
- Tori Amos -

And breath by breath and death by death we followed the chain of change
- langdon smith -

and i look again towards the sky as the raindrops mix with the tears i cry
- unknown -

life is not the amount of breaths you take,
it's the moments that take your breath away
- the hitch -

❥ is a tiny elf dancing a merry little jig, and suddenly he turns to you with a machine gun
- unknown -

Allie : They fell in ❥ , didn't they?
Duke : Yes, they did
- The notebook -

How much do you still want me to ❥ you?
- Toto, Lea -

I can see the pain living in your eyes
and i know how hard you try
but you deserve so much more
- Air supply, Goodbye -

losing you is painful to me
- Air Supply -

A friendship that can be ended didnt ever start
- Mellin de Saint - Gelais, Ouevre Poétiques -

But i'm just a girl
standing in front of a boy
asking him to love her
- Julia Roberts, Nothing Hill -

She's out of my life
i dont know whether to laugh or cry
- Josh Groban, She's Out of My Life -

Remember When
Author : Winna Effendi

Saturday, November 12, 2011

another quote i like

Beberapa minggu yang lalu pas lagi suntuk-suntuknya dengerin dosen gue ngoceh di mata kuliah gue yang rada ambigu, gue iseng liat-liat buku temen gue, dan ternyata gue menemukan di satu halaman bukunya yang isinya tentang curhatan. diem-diem gue liat, trus tiba-tiba temen gue rebut tu buku saking kagetnya ngeliat gue lagi baca bagian yang itu sampe pake acara rebutan segala -____- sampe akhirnya dia blg "oh ini, gue pikir apaan hehe gue ambil dari blog orang " zzz banget lah yaa. tapi kata-katanya bener-bener bikin gue tertarik untuk gue copy sampe gue pinjem buat difoto trus gue share di blog gue deh haha.

" saya sering sekali merasa bahwa hidup orang lain lebih bahagia, lebih indah dan beruntung,
kemudian timbul keinginan " andai saya jadi dia ". sampai saya tersadar, begitu banyak orang ingin memiliki hidup seperti saya, seindah hidup saya, sebahagia saya dan seberuntung saya.
iya, saya lupa bersyukur atas apa yang saya miliki karena saya sibuk melihat bahagia orang lain. padahal tiap orang punya porsi kebahagiaan dan kesedihan masing-masing yang semuanya telah ditetapkan oleh Allah SWT yang Maha Adil. Jadi untuk apa iri sama orang lain? "

cereal time :D

cause i thought this was not enough for me,
so i added a lot more till my stomach couldn't be filled anymore haha

having a lot of fun with the fruity pebbles :D

i started my day with a sweet breakfast fruity pebbles cereal mixed with chocolate milk.
and for the taste, totally those were such a great combination

maybe next time i should try another combination,
how about strawberry milk? mm, it's likely to be an interesting one.